You aRe here (point a)

Maybe you have an awesome idea for a business you’d love to start, or you’re already working in the right space but you’re ready for more. Or you’re really not sure what it is that you want, but you’ve got a feeling it’s not this.

Problem is, when it comes to getting clear on what you want or how to get to Point B, there isn’t exactly a roadmap. And you’re definitely not a business-y person – you didn’t go to school for marketing, hearing the term “on brand” makes your skin crawl, and the thought of self promotion makes you want to die.

“When I first started with Sarah, I had a feeling that I wanted to help the world and some jumbled ideas on how to do it. Literally after our first meeting, my jumble of thoughts turned into a general vision of what I wanted to do.”


I don’t know her…


I’m Sarah, and I have so, so, so, so many good ideas – particularly, ideas to help you start, promote, and grow your business. 

If you are in need of a new idea or two (or 27), want a set of fresh eyes to check out your project, or just some feedback from someone outside the situation, it would seriously thrill me to help you out.


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Use the meditation to get clear on your version of an ideal life, or check out my take on business and marketing, personal development practices, and more on the blog. (Hint: the meditation is almost always the foundation for everyone I work with.)

Guidance to help you figure out what you want in the future and how to create it for yourself now.

My mind is a sponge for personal development tips and fun facts. Sometimes I wring it out here.

Looking for an outside opinion, Devil's Advocate, or ideas for a possible solution or next actions?

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