Draw the Inspiration Card.

This isn’t part of a pre-formulated coaching package with the same sequence of steps and milestones prescribed to each individual who partakes. There’s no set minimum required for the number of times we meet – or a set maximum, for that matter. This isn’t therapy, and there’s no guaranteed results in X or Y.

This is a meeting of the minds, a two-way exchange of ideas, solutions, and what-ifs. This is a sounding board for the project you’re not ready to tell your friends and colleagues about – yet. This is creative feedback, an outside perspective, a listening ear, or a Devil’s Advocate. You already know the answers; this is the affirmation.

Like all great revelations, it began rather unexpectedly.

Insight Out developed from a deep passion for entrepreneurship and insatiable interest in self-help multimedia mixed with a growing frustration at not being able to find a job that valued my creativity and contributed more to my life than just a paycheck.

Unemployed for longer than I liked after leaving a particularly horrible job that I hated, I was commiserating with a friend who was having work woes of a different kind. She had to learn how to promote herself on Instagram in order to book more yoga teachings spots at more studios.


I happened to be engrossed in learning the algorithm at the time (for fun), so we started getting together a few times a week to define some goals and brainstorm her strategy and next best steps.

That was a couple years ago, and now my friend has a more-than-packed teaching schedule (and a happening Instagram profile). More importantly, she knows where she wants this career to take her, and how to identify and say no to the things along the way that don’t feel good and don’t serve a future purpose.

Don’t worry – I ended up getting a pretty cool day job. But meeting up with other excited entrepreneurs and creatives to geek out on strategy and make a living being in a constant state of inspiration – that’s the dream.


Method & FAQs

Insight Out doesn’t really have a “method” because just like most people, our problems/dreams/goals aren’t always the same. It’s my goal in working with you to first help you define the ideal future vision you have for your life, and then work together to draw out the answers and insights you already have within.

Are you qualified?

Qualified is relative. Am I qualified to dispense medical or relationship advice backed by a medical degree? No.

I have professional and personal experience with graphic design, branding, and digital marketing, and enjoy developing brand identity and strategy for small businesses and solopreneurs.

And I do, literally have a degree in problem solving: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.



What can I expect in/from a session?

Each session is a 90 minute meeting tailored to provide you with feedback or help you uncover an “A-ha!” moment for whatever situation or project you want to work on.

You can also expect some instruction or guidance toward resources that can help you with technical solutions like buying a website, learning SEO, or other higher level tech/business topics.

After our meeting, I’ll provide you with a recap of the key points we touched on along with any recommendations for supplementary media, as well as any thoughts or ideas that occur to me after our conversation.


Where can we meet?

Wherever’s clever – we can get together via Skype or a phone call, or if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area we can meet up at a public place like a coffee shop.

How much does it cost?

$150 for 90 minutes.

How do I pay?

PayPal, Venmo, and major credit cards are all accepted. Payment is due in full 24 hours before scheduled session.

I can’t wait to hear all about it…